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DePaul Industries’ Unified Workforce program provides a variety of services to help people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the Portland area to gain and keep integrated, community-based employment. Our program is person-centered and helps those we support to reach their career goals.

DePaul has been providing work opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in various forms since 1971. We’ve recently revamped the Unified Workforce program to focus on getting our clients jobs in the community per Oregon’s Employment First Approach.


Woman holding walkie talkieA small group of our clients and a job coach currently work at a distribution center in Wilsonville, and we are actively working to establish another small group at a different type of employer. The small group environment can be ideal for clients who require a higher level of support. It allows an individual to become accustomed to the work environment and gain new hard and soft skills that pave the way for future community-based employment.


The discovery process (typically completed over 30 hours) allows our job coaches to get to know a client in-depth. They identify a client’s strengths, weaknesses and interests, and consider the types of jobs where the client would succeed, culminating in a comprehensive report. Our staff members hold various county and state certifications to provide discovery services.

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    Our job coaches work to help our clients become familiar with and prepared for the world of work. By visiting local employers, hosting speakers who describe the skill sets their employees need to succeed, creating resumes and learning job search techniques, we help clients prepare for a successful placement in the community.


    We take a client’s discovery profile and put it into action to help them find a job in the community. Our job coaches assist with every step of the process, from creating a resume to finding jobs online to submitting applications to obtaining clothing for an interview.


    After a client gains a job in the community and completes the first 90 days, he or she can choose to have a Unified Workforce job coach continue to provide support on an ongoing basis.

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