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When many people think of the staffing industry, they automatically jump to the term temporary, thinking only of short-term assignments of a few days, a week, or a month.

But more and more employers (now 59%, according to the American Staffing Association) are turning to staffing agencies as a way to find permanent employees. Why?

The time-to-fill for jobs is historically high (27 working days in December, according to DHI Hiring Indicators), meaning positions are sitting vacant longer. That vacant position means lost productivity, added overtime costs for employees covering the vacancy, and an extra burden on the hiring manager to recruit and screen candidates, in addition to their normal duties.

With one call to a staffing agency, you can access a pool of qualified candidates, already screened, interviewed and ready to get to work. As an associate completes onboarding and training and begins working, you'll see their skill set, work ethic, and how they fit in with your team. Hopefully it's a great match, and you eventually hire the employee on a permanent basis. But if for some reason the employee isn't a fit, you're under no obligation to hire them, and can work with the staffing agency to find a better fit.

Businesses choose to outsource many tasks, from legal to payroll to IT. Why not let the experts help you find the employees you need?

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