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What does your safety program look like? Could it use some attention?

Safety glassesHere at DePaul Industries, we have a full-time Safety Manager who is tasked with making our workplace (and our staffing client sites) as safe as possible. From monthly safety meetings to safety evaluations of all new customer sites to posting informational articles on our intranet, safety is a priority and a big part of our company culture.

The great thing about implementing a safety program or improving existing practices is that you don't have to start from scratch. So many free resources are at your disposal on the web, and a few of our favorites are below.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA's website is a wealth of knowledge on safety and health topics ranging from seasonal flu to occupational heat exposure to indoor air quality, and everything in between. It offers printable posters and info sheets for many topics, as well as used for posts on your company's intranet or handouts during safety meetings.

In addition, OSHA offers small- and medium-sized businesses a free, voluntary on-site consultation. This consultation is meant to help employers to recognize safety or health risks in the workplace and take steps to improve them, and is separate from enforcement. You just need to contact your state’s office to schedule a site visit and walkthrough. OSHA did about 28,000 of these walkthroughs throughout the United States in 2015!

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Head to the NIOSH website for an abundance of resources on various industries and occupations, as well as safety and prevention and emergency preparedness. And like OSHA, many of these resources are available in printable form for easy dissemination to your employees and additional locations.

Spice Up Your Safety Meetings

First Aid KitIt can be difficult to come up with topics for your safety meetings, whether they're monthly or more frequent, and it might feel like you've talked about every topic under the sun. In addition to covering the usual topics like incidents and accidents, spice up your safety meetings by covering some monthly safety observances. ISE Magazine also has some ideas for making your safety meetings more engaging and interactive.

Review Your Responsibilities Regarding Temporary Staffing

If you utilize temporary staffing, it's important to recognize what is your responsibility, and what is the responsibility of the staffing agency. Head to our blog post about safety and temporary staffing to review the responsibilities of each party.

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