DePaul Industries’ Unified Workforce program offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on-the-job experience honing the soft skills they’ll need to succeed in community-based employment, while earning at least minimum wage. Unified Workforce employees are fully integrated into our food packaging facility on Hayden Island in Portland, Oregon, working alongside, and performing the same jobs as, people with and without disabilities.

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An Integrated Environment Supports Skill Acquisition

DePaul Industries’ Unified Workforce program provides a supportive environment where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can hone the skills they need to succeed in community-based employment.

Unified Workforce employees work side-by-side with hundreds of other employees, both with and without disabilities, at our Hayden Island food packaging facility. While gaining valuable experience in a mainstream workplace and earning minimum wage or above, they remain eligible for public benefits.


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Focus on Soft Skills

Today’s employers place a high value on soft skills. These skills, which Unified Workforce employees hone on the job, include:

• Active listening
• Conflict resolution
• Prioritizing and creating to-do lists
• Self-advocacy
• Negotiating adaptive accommodations
• Managing social boundaries
• Coping with stress and anxiety
• Professional dress and language

Unified Workforce serves as a supportive bridge to community-based employment. When challenges arise in our workplace that may get an employee penalized or dismissed from community-based employment, we treat them as learning opportunities. Our experienced job coaches work through these challenges with associates so they gain the skills and confidence to manage them at a job in the community.


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Interested in Learning More?

Please contact us at the link below to inquire about our program or schedule a tour. We frequently give tours to interested employees and their families, case managers, service providers, schools, and other interested individuals and groups.

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