Our Unified Workforce program provides work opportunities for individuals with significant intellectual or developmental disabilities. Unified Workforce employees earn minimum wage or above at our Hayden Island packaging facility, an integrated workplace where they work side-by-side with individuals with and without disabilities. Training and ongoing support from experienced job coaches helps Unified Workforce employees to learn new job skills, develop good work habits and gain independence.


DePaul Industries' Unified Workforce program accepts referrals from county developmental disability services offices, and support service brokerages.

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Job Matching, Training and Continued Support

When individuals join the Unified Workforce program, they go through a period of job readiness discovery to assess their skills and find the position that fits best. Qualified job coaches provide 30-90 days of training and ongoing support aimed at helping employees achieve independence.


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Integrated Workplace

Unified Workforce employees are fully integrated into the workplace, a food and consumer goods packaging facility on Hayden Island. They work side-by-side and take breaks and lunches with individuals with and without disabilities. They earn minimum wage or above and are eligible for raises.


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Variety of Job Tasks

Unified Workforce employees work in a wide variety of capacities related to packaging, assembly and collating. Jobs have included packaging food products, labeling instant tea mix, assembling garage door brackets, and labeling T-shirts - and almost every other job that is available at the Hayden Island facility.

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DePaul Industries is the Northwest's most comprehensive outsourcing specialist. From staffing to security, to food and consumer goods packaging, we tailor a seamless solution to fit the unique needs of your operation. You save time, money and, most importantly, your ability to focus on your strengths.

Our Values

We value our customers as well as our employees, as both are essential to our success. We know that our customers and employees depend on us to be a strong, stable, reliable organization. DePaul Industries strives to be a 'best in class' employer.

Our Mission

DePaul Industries' mission is to help people with disabilities have the opportunity to work. We employ people with all kinds of disabilities, including injury- and illness-related disabilities. We hope to make the world a better place by helping people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment.

We will always focus on providing best-in-class value to our customers. We consider our mission to be our hidden strength.

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